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Working with a Travel Advisor

One of your most valuable assets is your time, and so important to trust your vacation time with your family to an experienced travel advisor who will work with you one-on-one to create a vacation you'll remember forever! Here's how it works!

OUR PROCESS If you have never worked with a professional travel advisor before (or a great one), you'll find our process effective and efficient. 01 - GET IN TOUCH Fill out the inquiry form to begin the travel inquiry process by clicking the GET STARTED button below. You're not committing to anything other than having a conversation about your travel ideas and wish list! 02 - LET'S CHAT Schedule a time for us to dive into ALL the details of your trip. We'll talk through everything to make sure we're on the same page. Based on our discussion, we'll then share our research and design fee and next steps. 03 - RESEARCH, PRESENTATION AND ADJUSTMENTS We will present you with a full itinerary containing options for travel, activities and accommodation based on our discussion, experience, and supplier contacts. Request any small adjustments before we lock in your trip itinerary. 04 - OFFICIALLY BOOKED After you've made your decision, we'll send you the invoice with your supplier deposit to secure the trip, as well as our client agreement. Deposits/amounts are contingent on vendor relationships. We can work with you on a payment schedule, and we'll process your payments as requested until the final due date. 05 - WHILE YOU ARE AWAY We will only ever be an email, text, or call away if you need us. In the event that you need to activate your emergency support plan we will be on standby and ready to help. You'll also have a free app called Trip Plans to access your entire trip itinerary on the go, which also provides flight updates, and additional recommendations for travel. 06 - LAST BUT NOT LEAST The only feeling better than getting home is having your next trip in the pipeline. We'll get you scheduled for that next trip right away whether you want to take in a month or a year.


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